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Nature therapy, sometimes referred to as ecotherapyforest therapyforest bathinggroundingearthing, is a practice that describes a broad group of techniques or treatments using nature to improve mental or physical health. It typically entails conducting sessions outdoors, where the client and therapist interact while walking. The topics of discussion and the therapeutic methods in outdoor sessions are akin to those of telehealth sessions. Nature therapy provides the unique opportunity to meet in person, enhance our connection with the natural environment, and practice mindfulness while we are outdoors, embracing the profound teachings of the natural world.

You’re prepared to:

  • Improve your mood and reduce stress.
  • Bolster self-management and self-esteem.
  • Reduce fear and aggression/improve relationship skills.
  • Increase memory recall, cognitive flexibility, and attention control.
  • Experience increased intellectual capacity, emotional bonding, creativity, and imagination.
  • Enhance social connections, stewardship, sense of place, and environmental participation.
  • Invest in yourself and your environment, knowing whatever you’re willing to commit to will return a hundredfold (to you and generations to come)!


The Gift of Nature

The natural world presents us with numerous chances for amazement, moments of profound discovery, and a deepening of self-awareness. It stands as a testament to the spiritual essence in our daily lives and a wellspring of inspiration that can guide us through the challenges of modern existence.

As our world becomes more modernized and separate from nature, it’s essential we invest in connection with the natural elements. They are, after all, the building blocks of our DNA.

Unfortunately, many people are disconnected from the ground their cities and homes are built upon, even the sky has been cast out by pollution. We can see this in the need for more understanding around where our food comes from, how to utilize plants and herbs for sustenance and health, the importance of having access to clean air, water, and healthy soil, and so much more.

No one is at fault here; we have simply become a product of our environment. However, we have a choice and a responsibility to ourselves and the health of our shared communities and tribes. With knowledge comes great power, and we have the chance to wield a fruitful future. A future where we are informed and connected to the scared ways of our ancestors. Where we live in harmony with nature, rather than separate from her.

Nature can purify your heart and soul, so you, too, can hear the prayers and words of water, earth, firmament, and mud. As you confide in spirit, nature will reveal herself and share ancient wisdom, bringing you more health, wealth, and awe than any artificial thing ever can.

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Frequently Asked Questions


In our initial sessions, we will explore the challenges that have led you to seek therapy, delve into your personal history, and establish clear objectives for our work together. As a therapist, I adopt a practical and direct approach, actively engaging in our conversations to assist you in attaining your goals.

Nature therapy, also known as ecotherapy or wilderness therapy, is a therapeutic approach that incorporates nature and the outdoors into the healing process. It is a distinct form of therapy that can differ from traditional therapy in several ways: such as being outdoors, connecting with nature, holistic approach, physical activity, environmental awareness, cultural and spiritual elements, and more.

Logistics: We can meet at a park with ADA parking, a paved path, benches and picnic tables. During the session we can sit or walk.

Please note: If you’re interested in outdoor therapy, we will still begin with telehealth, and treatment may require both.


While I cannot offer absolute assurances, I want to emphasize that I firmly believe in the potential for growth, healing, and transformation. These positive changes are a constant presence in my daily work, evident in the progress and improved relationships of my clients.

Consistently, research has emphasized the pivotal role of the client-therapist relationship as a key factor in predicting successful therapy outcomes. It’s for this reason that I provide a complimentary consultation, allowing both of us to determine whether I am the right fit to support your journey toward a positive outcome.



Nature therapy is not covered by insurance. Insurance only covers traditional “at home” or “in office” therapy sessions.


Contact me to schedule a free consultation. It’s important you feel comfortable with your counselor, and I’ll help you decide if I’m the right fit for you.

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